Happy Nanny Day to Me!

So ... today marks four whole years that I have been "Nanny". In other words ... today is Miss Dub1's birthday. Her fourth birthday. Four years that I have been the luckiest Nanny in the whole wide world. Happy Birthday to my precious Dubster! You are smart and funny and wise and talented. I. Love. You. I love this picture above which so accurately depicts her "Pippi Longstocking-ness". It seems to say, "I have got some serious moxie going on here."

Since I am celebrating my Nannyhood, let's see what the others have to say:

Miss Dub2: "Yes, I am a lovely fairy princess who just happens to indulge in the occasional marker for a snack."

L'il Miss Gee: "Power to the Babies!"

Lil Mr. Gee: "Seriously ... what IS that smell?!?"
I sure do love being Nanny. Can you really blame me?


LilMisfit said...

Such adorable kids!! Thank you for posting these pictures!

Mrs. Dub said...

It appears awkward posing is in our genes. No comment on what side it comes from ...

Thanks being a great Nanny these last four years (and a mentor to this newbie mom). We love you, N!

Amy G. said...

Happy Nanny Day and Happy Birthday to our favorite 4-year-old!

Jane Coslick said...

thanks for stopping by and signing up for my givaway.What you do is so important and so wonderful.These photos are great.