Blue Skies in the Big City

So ... our first day of unstoppable sigh-seeing took us ... naturally ... to the Big City by the Bay. Why ... I believe that's the Transamerica Tower peeking through the trees. Yes, it is indeed.

Pier 39. Full of seafood sandwiches, delicious chocolate and a very colorful flag.

From a Harbor Cruise going under the big ... golden ... bridge. Later we would drive over that same bridge. We like our bridges from multiple angles.

Cruising by Alcatraz. Enjoying hearing about the history ... grateful to not be living it.

Do tell. What is your favorite Treat (edible or not) in San Francisco?

(Is it Rice-a-Roni? Because I seriously do like Rice-a-Roni.)

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ginger said...

Such a fun trip. Elliott and I were there for our 1st wedding anniversary. It was December, and pretty cold (it even snowed a little), and I remember a little cafe by the shore where we got sourdough bread bowls with chili in them. It was so good!

Angy said...

I looooooved our bike ride across that golden bridge... in the rain! And I totally loved the Science Academy, it may sound weird but man that place was seriously amazing! Sadly, there wasn't any -really- good food we tried :( boo.