She's still shelling 'em ...

So ... this is my first personal quilting project in my new space. Appropriately tied to The Sea, considering my new, closer proximity.

For a project that has spanned almost 2 years worth of time, I have not tired of it. In fact ... quite the opposite.

By the end of today it should be sporting a binding.

I like pink.
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Of Fabric and Forgiveness ...

So ... I am not saying that I am actually forgiving Blogger ... let's just say it's on probation. However, it did cooperate with me this morning on a (private) family blog post so I am willing to give it another chance. The picture above is one that got eaten a week or so ago, of my dining room curtains. I really looooove that fabric ... so ...

I used some scraps to cover a pillow in my family room.

All right ... so I am not completely thrifty and self sufficient. This pillow (cover ... I only paid for the cover) is from Pottery Barn. But it was on sale people, let's not forget that.

In other sewing news, I am actually doing some quilting (for myself) for the first time since I moved. I cannot explain why it is that it took me so long. It seriously made me a little teary to sit down at my machine with a quilt top that I started in 2009. I am loving how it has come together and (if Mr. Blogger continues to cooperate) I'll post some pictures soon.

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She got 'em at the seashore, but she is NOT selling 'em.

So ... the pictures seen here were taken (by me) about 12 miles from my home. Twelve miles, people. I know this because I actually got a flat tire not far from this beautiful site and was watching the mileage very ... very ... carefully as I drove home on my "donut". (Thank you son-in-law, Mr. Gee and AAA.)
But once I was over the whole flat tire thing, I sat and pondered the fact that I have this incredible beauty ... nearly at my fingertips.

I am very ... very ... grateful.

And I have this reminder of a tray full of shells (with a most unusual blue hue to them) that thrill me when the 12 miles stands between us.

All good.


Me and My Cubicle

So ... first I must apologize for a couple of things. First that the pictures in my last blog were eaten whole by Blogger, and secondly that since it still appears to be a problem, I must resort to plan B to post and the result is the unlightened/un-touched-up photo above. Get over it, because one of us needs to. I have been doing some sewing ... some secret, special, "stunt" sewing (as my friend PKM likes to call it and if you look closely in the [very dark] picture above you will see her blog on my computer screen.) I was asked by Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs to do some applique work for an upcoming quilt to be unveiled at Spring Quilt Market . Let's just say that the work involved some dots ... and you know I love dots!! I can't give you any other hints except to say that you can always count on those crazy sisters. I have loved their work and their bright happy fabrics for years. They are fellow Arizonans and it is indeed ironic that we chose to form this working relationship after I moved to California. Go figure. If you are wondering what expansive parts of my studio are not revealed in the photo ... wonder no more. What you see is pretty much what you get. I'm pretty certain I am violating some fire codes because I must do a wee bit of maneuvering to extract myself from my cubicle, once I have settled in there. It's definitely not for the claustro-at-heart, but it's my blue studio and I love it. Stay tuned for the big reveal of the project ... um ... once The Sisters reveal it.


~ Of Hassles & Tassles ~

So ... taking advantage of what little space was left after I plunked a very large piece of furniture right in front of a window ... I added curtains that I am oddly pleased with, considering the weird placement circumstances. (Go here for an explanation, if you must.)

Then ... to my utter delight ... I found this lovely, ornate tassle that matched the colors of the curtains in primo fashion. On sale. At Stein Mart. Woo. Hoo.

Then ... (yes, even more fun ensues), Mrs. Gee found this darling outdoor set (for the young set) that matches the adirondak style of my porch, for a whopping deal on Amazon. There was a small glitch however. Neither of us noticed that in very small print at the bottom of the screen that the set ... which was pictured in white and exactly what I wanted ... actually only came in red. You can imagine my shock when I opened the box. I didn't return them because Mr. Gee is so fond of them and frankly I am too, but still ... a little bit annoyed, I'm not gonna lie. Would you be??

Oh who cares?!? I still love my patio and even more I love the luscious spring weather we have been enjoying.

Have I mentioned how much I love living with open windows and heavenly breezes? Aaaaaaah.