~ Ahoy Maties ~

So ... it's probably weird and ironic that in my new home, where the choices are mine alone, I have chosen to have a somewhat masculine bedroom. This in light of the fact that for 35 years, PDaddy sweetly and silently retired for the evening surrounded by a certain abundance of frou frou. In my new home, I've chosen to give it a sea going theme, with crisp colors and stripes, masted vessels and sea captains/pirates.

Rrrrrrrr ....

I will say that I was rewarded for my efforts this weekend when L'il Mr. Gee came to spend the night and was entertained for hours by the pirates and their nesting ways.
I am really enjoying the very beige-ish walls (a previous color that I kept) which highlight the colors so differently than white. The bed you may recognize from my guest room in AZ and the wall decor from my guest bathroom. Let's face it ... I'm a girl who likes to mix it up. (Not to mention the fact that my window-filled bedroom would never have fit my king-sized bed.)
Do you think I'm weird? (On second thought ... don't answer that.)
(Is anyone else out there having troubles blogging straight from Picasa? Suddenly it won't upload the pictures that way and it's driving me crazy! Blogging straight from Blogger has never worked well for me. Help.)


Oh Scrap!

So ... I just may have had a major epiphany today. I figured out that I brought way too much stuff with me (oh reaaaaallly)and that some of it ... simply had to be thrown away. (Hoarders? I do believe we can cancel that appointment.) The unpacking and arranging has come down to one last room. One last eensy beensy (8' x 8' if we're lucky) room. This room houses my studio and my office which in my old home were two separate rooms, each of which was at least a third larger than this one. Do the math ... it leaves a ginormous remainder.

The problem is the fabric. Waaaaaay too much fabric. I had really, really hoped to house it in this one room without some separate bin randomly in the garage (two flights down.) As I folded and placed each piece of fabric, I swear to you I weeded out. A lot. But alas, there was still not room for the odds and ends categories. And then came the epiphany: Perhaps ... just perhaps ... if I threw away the two full plastic drawer thingies full of scraps (see top picture) that I could make this thing work. You probably think I was an idiot for even attempting to move them in the first place and I'm thinking ... uhhh, yeah. But once I emptied them into a trash bag and said my good byes, it was absolutely invigorating.

Add to that the fact that I made primo use out of a relatively small closet and I am pleased as punch. I may deserve a medal. Who gives out that kind of medal?

What you are looking at here is the top part of my office filing system. I am well aware that once I pull a single piece out, the whole thing could come tumbling down, but I don't care. I had the guts to throw away my scraps (which I actually did use with regularity, but not at a greater rate than I accumulated them) and my fabric is all in one room.

Now ... bring on the awards. It's a really good week for that in Southern California.

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~ The Hoisters with the Mostess ~

So ... if you had hoped to be the first guest to stay in my guestroom and/or eat at my new dining-room table ... well, that boat already sailed. Ms. Gee drove down from the Bay Area this weekend and arrived just in time to help hoist my new table (along with Mrs. Gee) up a half flight of stairs. (I'm pretty certain she wishes that traffic jam in Burbank had lasted just a tad longer.) Mrs. Gee and myself actually hoisted the first half flight before she arrived. I am certain it would have made for a straight-to-viral video on You Tube in the category of "people who get hurt, but it's really, really funny" except that there were NO extra hands to man the camera. And let me just say my hoisting abilities were minimal at best, leaving the two of them to bruise themselves mightily while maneuvering the very awkward 140 lb. box. I don't know how many ways I can thank them, but I'm sure going to try.

Now just in case you are asking, "Is she seriously leaving that armoire smack dab in front of that window?", the answer is "Yes. Wanna make something of it?" The armoire was supposed to fit in that nook where the the picture is hanging to the right of the fireplace, but alas, it did NOT fit. Plan B was all we had. I prefer to look at it the way you might look at some other odd furniture placement in a fancy magazine and say, "Wow ... I never would have thought to do that, but it actually works and ... hey ... it got into a fancy magazine, so what do I know?" If someone would choose to put my dining room in a fancy magazine, it would certainly help my case, but for now we'll just go with the general scenerio.

After unpacking oodles of boxes full of knick-knacks that I had no business bringing across state lines, I have judiciously avoided buying new ones. This has caused me great anxiety every time I go to Target and run my fingers across any and all lovelies in their new blue and white collection. A couple of days ago, I finally succumbed and purchased these candles. I have not a single regret, however I do have a plethora of other candles that have now been rendered useless. Uhhhh ... nope ... still no regrets.

One of the things I like best about my dining room is that it's pretty much the only room with an excess of breathing room. The furniture all fits in with space to spare. That will change at the end of the year however, because Ms. Gee and I figured out today that this room is the absolutely natural choice as the place to put the Christmas tree. I am guessing that this makes me the first blog you have read lately that is actually referencing next Christmas.

I. Am. Having. Fun.

Thanks for having fun with me.

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My Big Fat Brown Couch

So ... don't be confused ... the above pictured room is of my old family room from my AZ home. I show you this picture (again) because I want you to understand that it was a very large room with a very high ceiling and over the years I picked out furniture for it that was also very large ... one might even say ... massive.

When I first saw my current CA home, I knew the family room was smaller and that furniture placement would be tighter, but I somehow thought I would still fit all the pieces in until Mrs. Gee gently pointed out to me that I was certifiably crazy and that if I were to put all that furniture in the room, not one square inch of floor would show and I would have to step on the coffee table to get to the couch.

So ... I sold the coffee table and the love seat and innocently planned to place the rest of the furniture rather loosely in my new family room. Annnnnd ... that wasn't happening either. Mrs. Gee and I tried every option possible and could not ... I repeat could NOT ... get both of the large blue and white chairs in the room together. So now the very nice man who did all my painting is the proud owner of my other blue and white chair.

As time goes by, and I replace the couch, it will be something more appropriately proportioned for the room. In the meantime, when you look in the dictionary under the word "cozy", you will see these pictures. And if I were in the pictures, I'd be smiling because I love my new ... cozy ... family room.

In other non-furniture related news: I have California plates on my car!!

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~ Paradise Found ~

So ... here is the living room with some beautiful Saturday morning light. (My Saturday morning also involved pancakes and the first day with my new newspaper.) Pure Bliss.

What you are seeing from this view also gives a look-see up to the dining room.

Which would really be exciting if I could actually have my table delivered, but as you can see, the dining room currently has some ... issues.

I am able to get over that very quickly however, by stepping out my front door ...

... and into paradise.

Don't you worry. I am counting my blessings and naming them one by one.
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~ home sweet home ~

So ... let's make something clear from the start. My back hates me. With a vengeance. Having said that, let me clue you in on something else. I did not ... I repeat, did NOT ... downsize nearly enough. Is that perfectly clear??

Having said that, let me say that I am absolutely in love with my new home. Which ... one week later ... does look a tad bit more organized and unpacked than the first three pictures here. A tad. Like .. don't get excited.

What these pictures don't reveal is the luscious painting that has covered up some darker colors I am not as fond of. Like the brown/gold and purple that was the master bathroom. I'll reveal that in later (more frequent) posts. For now take a look at the living room below which Mrs. Gee and I pulled together so that I could have a few moments of peace each day. Unfortunately, I took this picture without proper light. Get over that and just think ... peace.

Did I mention that I love my home?

Stay tuned to see it take shape.

Oh and ... thanks for your patience.
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