The Many Faces of Mr. Gee

So ... The Gees were with me this lovely Memorial Day weekend. L'il Gee was the most fun, let's be honest. (Mom and Dad Gee: you were fun ... you just weren't the most fun.) This top pic is of the l'il guy perfecting his badmitton serve.

Here he is with the Go-To Grin.

This would be the Fake Pouty Face.

Not really sure what to call this one.

I guess he just gets tired of the paparazzi. It's tough to be so popular.
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Good Things - Small Packages

So ... I am (somewhat) caught up on all of my projects that I need to do for my teaching duties at this store. This little beauty pictured above is the Club sample that I'll be teaching this Wednesday. It comes from the book, Fat Quarter Quilting by Lori Smith. All of our club projects for the next while will come from that book.

Just so you know ... this puppy is just a wee thing, measuring only about 16" x 22". But if you are thinking I whipped her up in a couple of hours, you would be sorely mistaken. That there's a lot of piecing and a lot of applique.

And a LOT of fun ... who are we kidding?
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A Whale of a Good Time

So ... yesterday afternoon I did something I had been excitedly thinking about for a couple of weeks. I wandered up to my local Cinema and spent 1.5 glorious hours in a trance as I watch the aforementioned documentary. I was mesmerized as I believe the other two people in the theatre were also.

I love, love, love everything to do with the ocean and to see it all on the big screen was absolutely a thrill to me. My favorites, of course, were the whales, but there was nary a creature I didn't feel absolutely facinated by.

There is only a short message at the end regarding the obvious (but unheeded) call to quit throwing your trash in the ocean people, a point already beautifully well made by then.

See. This. Movie. Then go to the beach (with a trash bag in tow) and see it for yourself.
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Good Morning New York!

So ... along with being a shout-out to Sonny Boy and the Mrs. who have a *New York Sunrise* in their life every single day, I just wanted to show you that procrastination didn't exactly pay, but it did eventually pay off. Remember how I put myself under the gun and full of stress when I made a last minute decision to make this New York Beauty quilt to teach? Well, I finished it in time and I must say I'm tickled pink about it.

The pattern is my own but was inspired (as was the quilting) by several quilts I saw in Radiant New York Beauties by Valorie Wells. I'll be teaching *New York Sunrise* in August at Bernina Connection. It's on a Saturday, so I know you all can be there.

You heard me. Be there.
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Gee Whiz!!

So ... I haven't been the best of bloggers lately. (Oh reaaaaaallllly.) If you must know, my services were called upon to spend the week in delightful So Cal and take care of my precious Mr. Gee for half the week and then spend the rest of the week with all the Gees, soaking up the sun and celebrating motherhood.

And Grand Motherhood.

The top pic is from our day at the "small park". (Mr. Gee has many, many parks from which to choose, but on our first day alone, he chose the smallest one.) Several days later, I took him to Pretend City where he participated in several grown-up-type jobs and drove several grown-up-type vehicles. The picture above is of him driving his favorite truck. It was my favorite also because it allowed me some rest from hauling my gi-normous purse around. Some people might think this is an activity to be reported to those who enforce child labor laws ... but I beg to differ.

This last pic is from our Mother's Day FunFest. The water in this pool was heated and he was oh-so-tempted by it.

Thank you Gees for letting me be a part of the festivities and for trusting me to spend all that (exhausting) quality time with the Mister. Now that there will be two, two, two Gee children to look after (yep ... and the next one is pink!) I am definitely going to have to do some endurance training.

Starting ... tomorrow.
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