Alphabet Soup

So ... I am fond of the letter "M". Let's just say it's all about Me. Mary. How ... Marvelous.

Last week, while at my friend Renee's house, she helped me make a cover that fits snuggly over a composition book (I bought one with graph paper.) I had admired hers and she stepped up so I could have my own. After I got home, I decided to embellish the front and put pockets on the inside (to be seen in another post.)

I had barely finished it when I received a package in the mail from my favorite "W's", The Dubs. Inside were these precious gifts from Miss Dub1 and Miss Dub2. Their mother helped them pick out the lovely hankerchief, above (I am told they are from Anthropologie) and the engraved mirror in the embellished case, seen below.

Miss Dub1 insisted that it have an "N" on it ... for "Nanny". Miss Dub 2 tried to second the opinion, but mostly she just slobbered a lot and grinned, so ... "N" it was.

I think I have a new favorite letter.

Do you blame me?
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Happy Bird Day

So ... I have my hot little hands on this fabulous new book that I have known about for quite sometime but have just been waiting to buy. Of course I will get my copy signed by the author herself and then make it a part of my investment portfolio.

That author would be none other than my friend Renee at Liberty Star, who is also my part-time boss. (My full-time bosses are the grandkids.) As you know ... I do love me some birds and these ones are no exception.

This particular page was one of my favorites because ... well ... the birds are blue. Hurry on over here to get your own copy.

Just in case I need to keep mine in a safe deposit box.
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Come to think of it, I did leave my heart there ...

So ... I have not been around here leisurely blogging because I spent last week on a Magical Moving Tour, getting Ms. Gee all settled in her new place in the Bay Area. We took the drive in two days. The first day was mostly desert (meh) but the second day (Oxnard to SF on the 101) was just about the most beautiful one day drive I have ever taken. Those two days seemed like ... um, four days.

Once there we began the car unpacking (think clowns and VWs/phone booths) and then spent the next four days doing the box unpacking/stuff arranging/box throwing away part which seemed like at least ... ten days. And by that I mean ten days of pure unadulterated fun/exhaustion. We managed to fit in one day of fabric shopping (Thimblecreek and Stonemountain) and one day of tourist-y adventures which included (among other things) clam chowder in a bread bowl and cable cars (see above).

Don't think for one moment that I wouldn't do it all again in a heartbeat. I am afraid to go up and work in The Kingdom because there is no one for my Bernina to duel with. I am soothing my heart by calling Ms. Gee no less than 27 times a day and looking forward to a visit from Mrs. Dub and her girls in just a couple of weeks.

The way I see it I gained an extra week of life where I didn't actually have to age.

And that was indeed a San Francisco Treat.
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Of Change and Changes ...

So ... this morning Ms. Gee and I had just one really important errand. We were taking our respective boxes of accumulated change to ... WalMart. You see at Walmart they have these change sorter deelies that sort your change, count it up and spit out a receipt for the amount (minus their small fee.) They make it clear that you must redeem said receipt on that very day and we were under the impression that we had to redeem it for WalMart merchandise. We were also under the impression that we each had 20-30 buckeroos to spend with abandon. Oh no.

I had just shy of Five-Oh and Ms. Gee was at Seven-Oh. Oh. My.

We raced our cart around the store buying up several necessities but also some fun, because this was after all ... free money. I picked up these to-die-for melamine plates with the scalloped edges and the perfect shade of green. Ms. Gee bought some lovelies for her new Bay Area Apartment. We were furiously doing math in our heads so as to not waste one penny. When we got to the counter and handed the nice lady our receipts, she promptly put cash in our hands. Cash. Also the perfect shade of green. It wasn't until I left the store that I realized that with the whole cash thing ... there really hadn't been the need to buy up un-neccessities.

Oops. Too late.

I will need these plates to soothe my aching heart when Ms. Gee abandons me for her new life in NoCal. No doubt I will be green with envy.

Just the perfect shade.
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An Inconvenient Truth

So ... I am sorry to report that the stupidhead Anonymous people ... won. Yep, they have worn me down. Sucker-punched me one too many times. Worse than that, they called me "Sunshine."

I'm sorry ... them's fightin' words.

For some unknown reason, I have become a recent favorite for the weirdo commenters who are not actually familiar with the English language but still feel compelled to convince me that I must somehow invest with them. I only know this because the word "investment" is encased in a paragraph with a lot of other words that don't make a whole lot of sense. Except that they start out by referring to me as "Sunshine".

Which happened to be a nickname of mine in High School. "Little Mary Sunshine" to be exact. So I cannot allow them to tread on that sacred ground. (Oh, who are we kidding? High School was not sacred ground in my book, but these people crossed the line nonetheless.) How the heck do they know that I am oh-so-Sunshiny?

So I have been forced to put up that little rectangle of misaligned letters in order for you to leave a comment. (And you will leave a comment.) I'm sorry, really I am. But let's face it, it's not Sunshine's fault, it's Anonymous'.

Stupidhead Anonymous.

(The photo is courtesy of PDaddy at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens last summer.)

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