Dear in the Headlights

So ... I'm sorry ... but I just knew that the world would be a better place if they had a chance to witness this picture of my grandson, Mr. Gee.

His parents took him to a local SoCal zoo yesterday, where it was indeed "Customer Appreciation Day". They got free rides on the train. Mom held him while dad shot some photos. Part of the ride included a trip into a dark tunnel. Mr. Gee uttered nary a whimper. It wasn't until they viewed the pics at the end of the day that they realized he had been just a tad surprised at the change in scenery.

So ... I just had to share.

Hope you don't mind.

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Driving in Circles

So ... I feel the pressure to blog even when I am not bubbling over with good material. Or any material. I'm drowning in fabric people, but I've got no material.

It's not my fault of course, it's the fault of the whole blogging system. But that is beside the point.

So, once again I have dipped into the picture archives and pulled up this quilt that I designed and made last year. If you look closely, you will see that all the fabrics are dotty, as well as a border with the same theme.

I am also dipping into the children archives to refer you over to this daughter's blog, La Dolce Vespa, to hear the most intelligent breakdown you have ever heard about driving on freeways ... most particularly in Los Angeles. (Don't think for one moment that most of it can't apply to where you live, however.)

Which brings me to the following True Confession: I am just not that fond of driving. I never have been. I would always prefer to be the passenger. It's that simple.

So ... I have the following questions: #1) Do you like to drive? #2) If so, why? #3) Do you think someone can learn to like to drive? and #4) Do you think my daughter should receive the Pulitzer Prize for her insights?

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Ode to Eric Byrnes

So ... it has begun once again. Baseball. Diamondbacks. Chase Field. Heaven.

We went to our first game of the season on Saturday night. They won. We cheered. A good time was had by all ... except, perhaps, the Padres.

We pretty much love baseball around here. We love it when they win and we still love ... the sport ... when our team loses. However ... let it be said that our team has the best record in all the major leagues right now.

Our team rocks.

FYI -- Eric Byrnes is my current favorite. PDaddy is well aware of this and does not disagree.

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Reality Programming

So ... on Wednesday, I came to Stark Realization #1 that I was meaning to make new samples (i.e. small quilts) for two classes I regularly teach at The Bernina Connection. Paper-Piecing and Machine Applique. Ideally those samples would be done by next Monday.

I marched straight upstairs to begin ... only to be faced with Stark Realization #2 that my sewing room had been hit by a tornado and needed major work including some furniture rearranging. (I actually took before and after pictures and was starting to post them until I came to Stark Realization #3 that most people would rather read the phone book than look at them.)

Stark Realization #4? There is no way on earth that I will actually complete one quilt, let alone two, before Monday. However I did complete two charming little blocks and I will persevere as time permits.

If this post sent you straight to the Yellow Pages ... just keep it to yourself. But, you have to admit ... at least I've got somethin'.
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I got nothin'.

So ... I have thought and thought and thought and what I've got is ...
.... nothin'.

I'm still cleanin', weedin' and rearrangin'. (And apparently lookin' for where I misplaced all my g's.)

So I offer the above quilt as the only something I can think of. I designed and made it around 2004. It took me about a year to make and is all hand appliqued. It might be important to mention that I took a class in the fine art of hand applique about half way through the quilt. So ... um ... don't look too carefully at the first half.

That's it. That's all I've got.

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Stuff happened.

So ... here is a picture from my sewing room. My cutting table to be exact. Which is evidence of a serious problem.

The problem isn't the obvious one ... the lack of space to cut anything. The problem is that I don't care. I haven't sewn anything in over a month and I have lived to tell the tale. Dust is gathering at an alarming rate and yet I just shove stuff to the side and remind myself how grateful I am to have space to shove stuff around on.

I can honestly saythat I do have time to sew ... I just don't go there for some reason. Most of my excess time has been spent throwing away stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Wow ... I have a lot of stuff. A lot of unneccesary stuff. But ... less than I used to.

I think I might honestly be afraid to start sewing again for fear it will take over and I won't be able to stop and I will go out and buy even more fabric and then my throwing-away habits will wane and the stuff-accumulating habits will rear their ugly heads once again.

So ... I'm putting it to a vote. Yeah or Nay. To sew or not to sew ... that is the question.

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As the Blood Thins ...

So ... Spring has most definitely Sprung here in the shiny Land of Az. Word has it that the temps will hit the 90s this weekend. There was a day (in the not-too-distant past) that I would groan at such fanatic forecasts. Mind you ... I am not anxious in any way to see 115, but for now ... I welcome the warmth. In fact, I pretty much bask in it.

Along with thinning blood, I am also subject to bouts of thinning brain. On our recent Seattle trip, I made the foolish assumption that it would also be Spring in the Land O'Puget Sound. As a result I brought along a couple of sweaters and one denim jacket as my means of covering. Oh, it was gorgeous and sunny while we were there ... in fact every native we spoke to mentioned the fabulous Spring weather. However, it's important to point out that they made these lauditory statements while wearing winter coats and scarves. Scarves, people. I was pulling my little jacket around me so tightly I was certain I would blow a seam or two.

We have now lived in the Valley of the Sun for 27.5 years. My children would be quick to point out that I have voiced my share of complaints. Many, many complaints about the heat. (Keep in mind that complaining about the heat is like the State Motto ... it's expected and maybe even encouraged.) Today I will not complain. I will only bask.

So ... what I want to know is this: If you come from a land where Cold is the State Motto ... do you ever bask in it?
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MY Little Boogies!

So ... today's post is a shoutout to the above pictured sisters. Every one talented, creative and funny.
And mine.

Last week (as with all weeks) I was particularly touched by their combined talents.

On Wednesday last, Mrs. Gee (pictured on the left with the swoopy bangs due to a self-inflicted hair cut the day before the photo appointment) launched the website to her on-line children's clothing/artwork company

Little Boogies
(found with a simple click of the mouse at http://www.littleboogies.com/)

Her sister Mrs. Dub (blond pig-tails in the pic) gave an immediate plug here while big-sis Gin spewed forth with hilarity here.

The orders are rolling in over at Little Boogies, no doubt in part to the above mentioned plugs, because Lil' Gee is the spokes-baby on the website and because the product is of supreme quality.

And ... just in case you were wondering, there is a fourth sister. Check out her diatribe on raw-meat here and tell me it isn't amazing that she is only related by marraige. (And she is only related by marraige. Sonny-boy and Mrs. Boy want that to be very clear.)

p.s. I am well aware of the shortcomings in my photo. It's a dark hallway and I was in a hurry. Get over it.

p.p.s. Ooh, ooh, I just found out that there are some free Little Boogies being given away over at A Room Somewhere. Sweet.

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Sleepless in Seattle

So ... I am hesitant to use the above title, because I have no doubt that there will be even more applicable reasons to use it in the not too distant future. But for now let's just say this:

#1 We went to Seattle.
#2 We did not get much sleep there.

The purpose of our trip was to scout out a surgeon and a hospital to perform PDaddy's uber-complicated surgery this summer. We looked high and low and what we found was ... Low. Dr Low. Not Dr. McDreamy. In fact you may be surprised and disappointed to find out that Seattle Grace Hospital is only fictional. Fictional, people. Who knew?

We got up on Wednesday at 4:30 a.m. to get there. We got up yesterday before 6 to make it to the appointments. We got up at 4:30 this morning to get to the airport. We hate 4:30 in the morning.

But we just loved Dr. Low.
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